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Speed, cost optimisation and after-sales service. Turning to ALPACKA for e-commerce site logistics and shipping will allow you to have no worries when it comes to organising your online business.

Save time on managing your e-commerce shipments







The service is dedicated to the B2B and B2C e-commerce market.

Dedicated price list

Dedicated and customised price list Based on the required services, shipments and logistics management, we create quotes exclusively for you and your needs with the utmost transparency.

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Connector integration between your e-shop and our web platform for creating tracking on the courier site

With Elledi you can integrate your online store and our web platform to efficiently exchange data on delivery status and collection requests. Tracking is integrated directly on the platform quickly and easily.

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Label creation and printing without operator intervention

With the help of our technology and e-commerce programmes, orders can be processed, labels can be created and printed automatically, reducing the margin of error in the data entry process to a minimum.

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Daily collection by the courier at the customer’s warehouse

Every day a courier will collect the goods to be shipped, going directly to the customer’s warehouse. It is a convenient service that allows you to manage your shipments without organisational problems.

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Sending message and e-mail to recipient for delivery management

The recipient receives a notification with the expected delivery date and, if it is not available that day, can choose to change where and when to pick up his or her purchases. This way you will always be sure to receive your order.

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After-sales service with scheduled and customised deliveries

We provide all customers with timely and precise service even after the goods have been dispatched, customising and scheduling deliveries according to the days and times that are most convenient for those purchasing from the online shop.

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Customs practices management for e-commerce

Our experience in customs practices allows us to handle all documentation related to clients, and therefore e-commerce sites, shipping to non-EU countries.

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Customer service with employees answering customers’ questions over the phone

With the management of your Customer Service, we become your single point of contact in handling all critical issues, guaranteeing efficiency, professionalism, kindness, problem solving and process optimisation.

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More time for your business

Elledi SpA provides all its expertise and professionalism in e-commerce logistics, from order receipt to delivery. Our solutions are designed for companies that handle orders and tasks manually and want to have more effective assistance than an ordinary courier.

Domestic and foreign shipments

We offer a reliable and accurate national and international shipping service with assistance in customs documentation.

Efficient returns management

In addition to delivery, we take care of the handling of returns with professionalism and speed, relieving you of all post-sales tasks.

Reliable shipping with tracking possibilities

Through the online tracking service, we offer our customers the possibility to check the status of their shipment at any time.

SMS alert service for delivery control and customisation

Sending an SMS to the addressee to inform him of the day and time of delivery, enabling him to keep control of the shipment at all times

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Elledi SpA provides all its expertise and professionalism in e-commerce logistics, from order receipt to delivery.